Wimbledon Centre Court imaged from 650km orbit

Wimbledon Centre Court imaged from 650km orbit

This image of the All England Lawn Tennis Club site was acquired on Monday 2nd July, early in the morning before players and tennis fans arrived on site, and shows the pristine courts with grass as yet unmarked by play. The retractable roof over Centre Court is partly extended - possibly captured in mid-operation as the court was opened up for the day ahead.  

The image is provided courtesy of 21AT to mark the third anniversary of the TripleSat Constellation in orbit, and it can be viewed in larger format and downloaded at the bottom of this page.  

The DMC3/TripleSat satellites were designed and manufactured by SSTL and acquires images with a wide swath width of 23.4km so the original downloaded image (shown below) is huge, capturing a large expanse of South West London, including Wembley Stadium to the north and Hampton Court Palace to the south west.  

South West London, acquired by DMC3/TripleSat Constellation July 2018

The wide swath width of the satellites provides the best combination of spatial resolution and time resolution – aiming at stimulating operational monitoring applications, such as urban planning and intelligent management, based on changes detected by timely and regular cloud-free, very high-resolution imagery. The three satellites are phased 120 degrees apart around the same orbit and with off-pointing capability they are able to target anywhere on Earth once per day.

The three identical DMC3 satellites were launched on this day three years ago on ISRO's PSLV XL launcher from Sriharikoka in India. The three satellites acquire 1 metre high resolution imagery with high speed downlink and 45 degree off-pointing.and formed a new constellation, TripleSat.  Beijing-based commercial imaging company, 21AT, has leased 100% of the imaging capacity of the three satellites over a 7 year period.   

3 DMC/TripleSat Constellation satellites, 2015

Also on the same launch and sharing the 3 year anniversary is CARBONITE-1, a technology demonstration mission for SSTL, designed to demonstrate video-from-orbit capability using rapid-build techniques and to test COTS components and new avionics in orbit.  The satellite was designed, built and tested in 6 months and 12 days and flies a Commercial-off-the-Shelf industrial video camera, adapted by SSTL for space, to acquire 15 second HD video clips at 1m GSD.



All England Lawn Tennis Club imaged by one of the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation satellites, July 2018. Credit 21AT.

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