Satellite Platform Datasheets
SSTL CubeEntry Level Platform for Training Missions
SSTL MicroOutstanding payloads & resources capability
SSTL MiniCustomisable platform built on strong heritage foundations

Earth Observation Spacecraft Datasheets
CarboniteLow cost 1m GSD Colour Video
TrueColourWide swath and images in 9 selected bands
PrecisionMulti-spectral imager with high agility and high area coverage
CarbSARDeployable X-Band SAR payload
DarkCarbHigh resolution MWIR imager
NovaSARSmall Synthetic Aperture S-Band Radar

GNSS Receivers Datasheets

A dual antenna GNSS receiver with multi-constellation and dual frequency options

SGR-LigoA low power Cubesat-format GNSS receiver

Wheels Datasheets
SSW-200Geostationary flight wheel
SSW-110Low Earth Orbit flight wheel

Customer Training
A Low Cost Solution for Growing Your Space Capability

Customer Training Short Courses Brochure


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