New sub 1 metre San Francisco image acquired by SSTL S1-4

New sub 1 metre San Francisco image acquired by SSTL S1-4

We have just added a new sub 1 metre resolution image acquired by our SSTL S1-4 satellite to our website gallery.  The image is of San Francisco Bay and can be viewed and downloaded below or via our Optical Images Gallery 

The SSTL S1-4 satellite was launched in 2018 and has a mass of 440kg.  It is capable of acquiring multiple targets in one pass and utilises spot, strip and mosaic imaging modes and 45 degree off-pointing agility for a range of applications including urban planning, agricultural monitoring, land classification, natural resource management and disaster monitoring. The very high resolution imager on board the spacecraft was designed and manufactured by SSTL and acquires sub 1 metre resolution images in panchromatic mode and sub 4 metre resolution images in multispectral mode, with a swath width of about 20.8km.  

Data capacity from the satellite is leased to Airbus and Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co Ltd (21AT)


Sub 1 metre resolution image of San Francisco acquired by SSTL S1-4 satellite. Credit SSTL.

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