Mission Support

Mission Support

Technical Support

We offer both emergency and non-emergency support for our customer's Space and Ground Segments throughout their mission, depending on their requirements.  Emergency satellite support is provided 24/7/365 by our Satellite Operators who can assess the situation and either assist by phone, or if requested by the customer, take over operation of the Satellite to restore it back to a nominal state before handover back to the customer.

Non-emergency support is provided via an online Helpdesk. Requests are raised, a ticket is issued and an Engineer is assigned to respond to the ticket.

Maintenance Support

We recommend periodic maintenance of the Ground segment in order to avoid deterioration to hardware which may result in possible system down time. This is achieved through a combination of preventative maintenance and routine maintenance.  We can offer a variety of system support levels ranging from email and telephone support through to fully inclusive maintenance and support packages.